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The Effects of Memory Problems

by | May 28, 2014 | Brain Health, Personal Experiences | 0 comments

How does our ability to remember, recall and process effect our lives?

memory problems sticky notesThis morning I wrote a lengthy blog on Psychology Today, “Are You Having Memory Problems?” This blog is divided into three parts, the understanding of memory, causes, and methods and treatments that help.

While writing this morning, I felt the awful pit and sadness in my body, because I recall who I used to be. I was extremely well organized. I did have problems learning new languages and still do, but I was very strong in other memory-related areas. I use to drive my patients crazy, because I never took notes of their sessions or dreams, yet could recall to minute details months later what they had said.

I never thought about my ability to be attentive or concentrate, but after each of my accidents that resulted in multiple concussions along with chronic fatigue, I could not recall what someone had said even minutes later. I do remember one day being on the phone with my answering service after my concussion and someone sharing something. Days later the person called back to thank me for the advice I had given. I had no idea what I had said, yet was thrilled that I had helped.

It took me seven years to learn to walk and talk again, only to have three more setbacks due to an auto accident, Lyme Disease and a faulty chair. My ability to recall what goes on in my sessions has totally returned, and I am now able to recall minute details once again. Instead of doing daily progress notes, I can once again do weekly ones.

What’s frustrating is that I still have memory problems with recalling and remembering numbers, especially digit recall. I can’t do it over the phone when someone is giving me their phone, address or credit card information. I have to explain that I have a brain injury and would they repeat that information, often several times. Why haven’t I done something to correct these memory problems, you may ask. Because so many of my other skills have returned, I would rather go live life than do the necessary methods and treatments I truly know would help. I’m tired of rehabilitating as I know many of you are too. That having been said, I do plan to work on this… maybe next week.


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