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EyeQ for Better Brain Function

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What is the Eye Q Program?

Eye Q for Better Brain FunctionThe eyeQ program was developed in Japan over the past 30 years by Dr. Akihiro Kawamura. Through extensive research and testing, he found that we can significantly increase our brain’s learning and processing ability through a series of high-speed imaging exercises which utilize both graphics and text.

Dr. Kawamura also found that our brains can be stimulated and improved by using techniques that push us out of our comfort zone. The eye training in each session strengthens the eyes and increases peripheral vision, allowing us to take in more material at once. The imaging engages more of our right brain, or the creative part of our brain. The high-speed imaging stimulates the neuro-pathways, strengthening the eye-brain connection and improving our thinking and reaction time.

EyeQ exercises the brain, improving mental processing, much like physical exercise helps athletes improve their performance on the court or on the field. With consistent exercise and weight lifting, an athlete becomes physically stronger. Similarly, eyeQ helps people exercise their brain, enhancing all mental activities. As with an athlete, these skills diminish without practice but never totally go away. Periodically doing a simple eyeQ session will keep you mentally fit and help retain your enhanced processing skills.


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