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Not So Super Smoothies

by | Sep 18, 2012 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Not So Super SmoothieAfter reading an article from Tufts University on “Super-Starter Smoothies,” I wanted to share some reasons why drinking smoothies may not be the best idea for people with a brain injury, or anyone really for that matter. What I learned at the conference on Food, Brain and Stress is that to help the brain, we need to chew our calories, not drink them. Also, there is too much sugar- smoothies give calories, not nutrition. In order to get nutrition from our food, we need to chew it 13 times. This was a big surprise to me, since I was a big smoothie person. The only thing we are to drink to help us is WATER. To get nutrition, we need to chew food…13 times.


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