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Ready For The New School Year? Boy on his way to school.We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, when you start anew after a long winter, so too, for the new school year. It is crucial to reset our space and our life to avoid being overwhelmed by all that will occur in the next nine months. “Fall Cleaning” as I like to call it, has many benefits, not only for your house, but for everyone living in it. Even if you don’t have school-aged children, keeping your home tidy and organized can be beneficial to your health.

Several studies show a correlation between disorganization, clutter and depression. Messy environments can lead to anxiety, frustration, helplessness, and feeling overwhelmed. Yet, rarely is clutter and poor time management recognized as a primary source of stress in our lives. In today’s world it can be difficult to find the time to stay on top of the many tasks required to keep our homes and families organized and on schedule. Juggling busy schedules, reducing clutter, and tackling the growing stack of paperwork may seem like small chores, but keeping up with them can be overwhelming.

Get Started!

Understand that it may be easier for you to function in a more organized environment.
Get everyone who lives with you to help. Not only is it beneficial to ask for help, but it may even bring the family closer together. Start with smaller, easier steps, like making your bed or putting clothes away. This will clear up your space a lot and may inspire you to take it further.

Organization is all about getting rid of anything you don’t need and putting everything that you do need in a specific and appropriate space.

Designated Areas
Create a specific spot for coats, shoes, sports equipment, backpacks and keys. Be it a closet, hooks, coat rack or basket, having a designated spot will help manage time and reduce stress.

When it comes to paperwork file what you need and recycle the rest. Have you even put last year’s paperwork away?

Make sure you have the right containers and systems in place to deal with the flurry of new paperwork and art projects that will start coming home. And by this, I don’t mean the dining room table.

Defined homework area
Do your children have desks or a designated spot to do homework? Create a clutter free space with the appropriate supplies within reach. This can help increase attention and decrease frustration.

Staying organized can be a challenge for anyone. It can be a daunting task for those who have had a stroke, concussion or other brain injury, and/or those who have anxiety, ADD/ADHD or PTSD. These conditions, as well as other causes, can affect executive functioning. Executive functioning deficits can lead to difficulties performing even simple tasks.

Executive Functioning and Completing Tasks

Executive functioning skills are fundamental to performing activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, and managing time and space.

  • Planning– knowing and/or planning the steps for an activity
  • Initiating– starting an activity
  • Executing– carrying out your plans and at the same time, self-monitor and self-regulate
  • Evaluating – looking at the results of your work
  • Changing and improving – looking at ways of making the task easier next time and avoid any mistakes.

Do you have difficulty getting started or staying organized?

I recommend Speech-Language Pathology to help strengthen problem solving and organizational skills. This is especially helpful for those who have had a stroke, concussion or suffer from anxiety, ADD/ADHD or PTSD.

Amy Karas is our certified Speech and Language Pathologist and part of Dr. Diane’s integrative team of brain health experts. Amy helps individuals identify their goals, and use functional solutions to complete daily tasks easier and more effectively.

Whether locally in your own home or virtually through Facetime or Zoom, Amy can help teach the skills necessary to regain a sense of balance and feel grounded.

Family meeting about chores using a task board.Amy will help you look at all your daily and weekly tasks and set a plan to rank and complete them. From what you learn from her, the next step is to get everyone in your household onboard. You will be modeling vital skills they will need for the rest of their lives. In my home, we had charts on the refrigerator with each person’s name and specific tasks. These guidelines help everyone know what they are responsible for. Take it a step further, and designate the time the tasks are to be completed. This will help manage everyone’s time.

Some people prefer to do things by themselves, which is completely valid. Amy will help you decide when it is best for you to do things on our own and when to ask for help. She will also help you find resources for support, if needed.

If you need help improving time management, better managing space and keeping things from getting lost, and improving work habits, we can help!

If you are ready to strengthen organizational skills and stop from feeling overwhelmed, contact us today.

If you need to extra help with a stroke, concussion, anxiety, PTSD, or simply ways to chill out.
There is a Way!® And Dr. Diane® can help!

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