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The Meningioma in my Brain is Growing, Now What?

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Personal Experiences | 9 comments

In October of 2013 I went for my routine annual MRI scan to assess the meningioma in my brain. There it was discovered that the meningioma has doubled in size since 2008, and is now 2 cm.  I went to four neurosurgeons who said since I have no symptoms of headache or seizures that we will watch and wait for the next six months. If it grows or I begin to have symptoms, I will have to have brain surgery and be out of work for two and a half months.

brain meningioma

After hearing this, I developed a plan. I made sure that my home, office and practice would be covered and made arrangements for ongoing coverage and continuity. I told my family members, informed my staff and all my current and ongoing patients of the situation.  I made sure there was therapeutic coverage for my patients, business and home directives.

I then contacted my friends in all the medical fields to find out what they suggested to help shrink this tumor. They suggested Essiac Tea, the imprinter, homeopathic and Neurofield. They said NOT to do laser treatment, because it would enhance the tumor growth. Also, I’ve been doing hypnosis, an area in which I am published, and have done tumor reductions using hypnosis. So my plan is to drink the tea, use the Neurofield, and do hypnosis and homeopathic while trying to  figure out what the imprinter does or doesn’t do. In May I will have another MRI and hope that either the tumor will shrink, or not increase in size, then we can wait another six months.  I am determined to achieve this goal in 2014. I’ll keep you all posted.


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