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Stress: Fuel for Peak Performance

Stress: Fuel for Peak Performance

A stressful situation can release stress hormones that trigger hormonal and physiological changes. This is known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. Think of a time when you experienced a stressful incident. Perhaps you were in a car accident, or had to give a speech in front of a large audience. Did your heart begin to pound? Did your muscles tense up? Perhaps you breathing rate increased or you started to sweat. These changes are the response of the sympathetic nervous system preparing you to fight the threat or flee to safety.


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Dr. Diane is a catalyst for change

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Within each person shines an inner light that illuminates our path and is the source of hope. Illness, trauma, suffering and grief can diminish the light and shroud hope. I am a catalyst for hope and change, offering a way to rekindle this inner light.

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