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Brain Tumor Awareness: Update on my Meningioma

Brain Tumor Awareness: Update on my Meningioma

Just in time for Brain Tumor Awareness Month, I have a (positive) update on my own brain tumor (memingioma). In 2008 after an auto accident, I had a routine MRI. I was told I had another concussion and also had a brain tumor, meningioma, in my left frontal area of my brain. Hearing the news, I was extremely upset. Immediately, I went to the neurosurgeon who did my previous brain surgery. He said the tumor was small and would be slow growing. He also told me I would have to have a yearly MRI to keep watch of its growth.


May is for Brain Tumor Awareness Month!

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month! Because a brain tumor is a type of brain injury, the symptoms experienced after having a stroke can be dealt with similar to those from brain injury. Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide to Living with the Challenges Associated with Concussion / Brain Injury describes the most common


In Light of Sheryl Crow’s Recent Health Discovery: A Meningioma

It turns out that Sheryl Crow and I have something in common- a meningioma. For those of you who have never heard this term, a meningioma is in fact a brain tumor. Although the term “brain tumor” carries a negative connotation, this specific type of brain tumor is the most common, and more often not, completely harmless depending on where it is located in the brain.



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